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   If you have a question about ARHS and you cannot find the information on this site, please contact the webmaster. Check back here in a few days to find the answer to your question.

For questions about attendance procedures, please check the Attendance/Tardiness FAQ.

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PE Requirements

What are the PE requirements?

The current requirement is: 2 credits of PE and 2 credits of Health Education. To complete this requirement, students now take one trimester of Health in 9th grade and one trimester of Physical Education in the 10th grade.

Students have access to PE courses all four years and may take PE electives multiple times for credit. We encourage all students to maintain their personal fitness by taking PE classes and participating in athletics and other opportunities outside of school.

 Ken Jacque  is the head of the department for Physical Education.

Registration of New Students

If I am new to Amherst, how do I enroll my student at ARHS?

The first step is to contact registrar Michaela Tarr, who is in charge of new student registration at the high school. See also additional details about registration in the Registrar's Office.


How do I get a copy of my high school transcript if I have already left ARHS?

You need to fill out a release form and pay a $5 fee (per copy).

Registrar Michaela Tarr is in charge of student records at the high school.

Finding Specific Information

Sometimes I need to find really specific information but I don’t know where to look on the site. How am I supposed to find it?

If you are not sure where to go on the site, you can try the searchbox located on every page. For example, if you want to know something about the yearbook, type  the word "yearbook" into the search box. This will conduct a Google search within the high school site and find all documents related to the yearbook.

A lot of times, you can answer a question by checking the morning announcements.These are also searchable. If you type the word "yearbook" into the search box at the top of the morning announcements, you will see all announcements this year that have included the word "yearbook."

There is also a site index which lists documents and pages alphabetically. A link to the site index can be found at the bottom of each ARHS page.

If none of these searches helps you out, send an email to the webmaster and an FAQ will be posted about your topic.

Announcements Archive

How do I get to the announcements archive?

To see the announcements for the current day, go to "News" on the top menu bar, and then choose "Morning Announcements." Here is the directURL to the announcements, should you wish to bookmark it:

Once you get to the announcements, you have a few options. You can usethe menu bar at the top to move to announcements for the previous dayor the next day, (if they have been entered). You can continue to hitthe "Previous Day" or "Next Day" buttons to look at any desired day.

If you are looking for a certain topic--say you need to know when thePSAT will be given--then try out the search feature. Just type the word"PSAT" into the text field, hit the button that says "SearchAnnouncements" and you will find all announcements that have containedthat word.

The morning announcements are maintained by Pat Keenan.

Last Day of School

Why do different calendars show a different day for the last day of school?

The last day of school depends on how many snow days we have. The printable (pdf) version of the school year calendar is published at the beginning of the year before we know how many snow days there will be. The monthly calendar on the ARHS website is updated for each snow day and shows the correct dates for exams in June after the end of snow season.


When is graduation for seniors?

Graduation will be on Friday, June 10, 2016 at 6 pm.

To see all of the important dates for seniors, check our calendars .

Dress Code

Is there a dress-code or guidelines for appropriate dress at ARHS?

This is an excerpt from Section 23a of the Student Handbook:

"Students are expected to dress in a manner consistent with the academic and social goals of our school. Articles of clothing which are distracting or disruptive to the educational process, which violate common standards of decency and modesty, or which contain obscenities,fighting words, or references to gangs, drugs or alcohol are not acceptable. Extremely brief garments or see-through garments are not appropriate for school. Under garments must not be exposed. Any staff member who feels that a student’s attire does not meet these standards may send the student to the Dean for a conference."

Weekend Access

Is there any way to get into the school on weekends? I left my homework on my school account.

The high school building is closed on weekends. Sometimes a small section of the building is open for a specific purpose, such as a performance. Even in this case, students would not have access to their lockers or school computers.

Students can access the files on their computer accounts from home by using an option known as NetStorage, which you can learn about from this tutorial.

MCAS results

How do MCAS results get to families?

The results are mailed directly home to families from the testing service when they are available and include information to help interpret your scores.

Community Service Opportunities

Can students do community service instead of a study hall?

Yes. This year, we have about 200 students performing a variety ofservices for the school. Students may act as peer tutors, library aides,office aides, or contribute a special skill, such as assisting with theschool web site. They should contact the Guidance Office for information about community service.

Study Hall Requirement

Are study halls required?

No, study halls are not required.

Remote Email Access

Why can’t I access my school email account on the ARPS webpage?

In order to access your school email via the web, you need a specialpassword. This password is not related to the password that you alreadyuse to log on to the school’s computer network. You set up the specialpassword through Groupwise while you are at school. Once the passwordexists, you will be able to access your school email by clicking on"ARPS Email Access" from the menu at the bottom of this screen. Go toRoom 141 for help in setting up the password.

If you have in fact set up a special password through Groupwise, butyou still can’t access your email, there might be a problem with thatserver. Check back later. If the problem persists, there might besomething wrong with your account. Go to Room 141 to report the problem.

Kathy Wilkes in Room 141 helpsstudents use the computer network effectively. She also files workorders to fix problems with a student’s computer account. Thisassistance is available during the school day, until 2:30 pm.

Work Permits

Who, in the Amherst schools, is responsible for handling work permits?

Work permits are issued by the main office. Students who are 16 or 17 can come to the office and get a work permit application.The application needs to be filled out by the employer and signed by aparent/guardian. Students who are 14 and 15 also need to obtain a work permit application.The application needs to be filled out by the employer and a doctor,and also signed by a parent/guardian. Students then return the completedapplication to the office in order to receive their work permit.

Contact Terry Ominsky in the main office for more information.

Taking College Courses

Where can I find information about taking college courses?

Students interested in taking college courses should contact their guidance counselor.

Half Day before Thanksgiving

What time is school dismissed on the day before Thanksgiving? Do all classes meet on that day?

School is dismissed at 11:55 am on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. In 2015, the day before Thanksgiving is an exam day.

Discipline Policies

Where can I find a document explaining the school’s discipline policies?

At the beginning of the year, all students receive a copy of theStudent Handbook. This booklet includes the school’s Code of Conduct.

Dean of Students Mary Custard is in charge of discipline for 9th and 11th graders at ARHS. Dean of Students Greg Runyan is in charge of discipline for 10th and 12th graders at ARHS.

Website Error

How do I report on error I found on this website?

We are committed to keeping this site informative, up-to-date and correct. If you encounter a problem while navigating the site, please fill contact the webmaster.



Where do I find information about the yearbook?

Go to

Technology Education teacher Lee Larcheveque is the advisor to the yearbook. He can be reached at or 362-1578.

Courses Not Offered

I’m wondering about certain courses which are not offered this year. Why are the courses not offered? How could I find out more about this?

Some of our courses are offered every other year. As you plan out what you want to take each year, it’s good to look ahead and see when things are offered. For example, you might decide to take something in your junior year because it won’t be offered in your senior year.

In other cases, courses are not offered due to staffing and budgetary considerations. This is especially true for elective courses. Additionally, sometimes courses are offered in the Program of Studies,but then they do not run because not enough people sign up for the course.


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