World Religions

World Religions 133 2 Credits
World Religions Honors 133b 2 Credits

Religious beliefs and practices influence the values, language, literature, arts, laws, public policies and social customs of every culture.  Students in World Religions will explore the beliefs, practices, and issues confronting religious traditions from many cultures. Units will include: Understanding Religion: An Introduction, Oral and Indigenous Sacred Ways, Asian religious traditions (Hinduism or Buddhism or Confucianism, Taoism, and Shinto), monotheistic religious traditions (Judaism or Christianity or Islam), and modern religious movements and issues. Frequent class discussions and projects will encourage students to reflect on their own values and the meaning of life as well as to demonstrate understanding and empathy for the religious traditions that shape the lives of peoples around the world. Students will have regular reading assignments, quizzes, unit tests and several short papers in addition to their class discussion grades.

Honors Option:  Honors students will read additional sources as well as completing a term-long independent research project.  Writing assignments will emphasize analysis and synthesis.

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