The Holocaust

The Holocaust 2 Credits
The Holocaust/Honors 2 Credits

The annihilation of six million European Jews, carried out by the German state under Adolf Hitler during World War II, has resisted understanding.  The questions persist:  how could it have happened; how was it possible for a highly civilized modern state to carry out the systematic murder of a whole people for no reason other than that they were Jews; how was it possible for a whole people to allow itself to be destroyed; and how was it possible for the world to stand by without halting this destruction.  This course attempts to answer these questions as it explores the causes, nature, and consequences of one of the greatest tragedies in world history.  Grade level readings are primarily descriptive in nature, but occasionally analytical.  There will be daily homework and most assignments will be completed outside of class.  Comprehension and summary skills will be emphasized, although some analytical and comparative skills will be used.

Honors Option:  The Honors Option will require reading and writing skills substantially above grade level.  Students should expect to work independently at a rapid pace and in depth; homework expectations are particularly demanding.  Research and analytical skills are emphasized.  Assessment for all students combines tests and papers with an evaluation of contributions to class discussions and activities.  Use of specific supporting evidence in discussion and writing is especially important.  Moral issues raised by the Holocaust will be emphasized.

Curriculum Map for The Holocaust
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