Economics 135A 2 Credits
Economics/Honors 135B 2 Credits

Our current economic crisis has brought down financial giants, changed the political landscape and frightened everyone who is paying attention.  Empower yourself to understand and investigate issues in this crucial field of study.  Economics introduces students to basic economic theories, covers key concepts in both micro- and macroeconomics and creates opportunities for students to apply these theories and concepts to contemporary economic situations. Microeconomic topics include supply, demand, market prices, as well as money, banking and financial markets. Macroeconomic topics include economic indicators, fiscal and monetary policy and economic globalization. Assignments require grade level reading and writing skills. Students are evaluated on class participation, understanding of economic vocabulary and concepts and the ability to apply economic concepts. Core assessments include quizzes, tests, homework, essays, cooperative projects and a documented research paper.  

Honors Option: The Honors Option requires above grade level reading and writing assignments, active class participation and the completion of substantial independent reading and research components. Honors level tests, homework, essays, cooperative projects and the documented research paper will require the mastery of more authoritative sources and greater analytical depth of work with those sources than the College Preparatory equivalents.

Curriculum Map for Economics
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