Anatomy and Physiology/Honors

Anatomy and Physiology/Honors 226B   Not offered 16-17

PREREQUISITE: Biology and Chemistry (or concurrent enrollment in Chemistry)

This course is a study of the form and function of major systems ofthe human body. It will provide a solid background for studentsinterested in the medical and health fields as well as those justinterested in understanding how the human body works. We will start witha quick review of cell biology and biochemistry and then begin anin-depth study of the anatomy and physiology of histology and the skin,the skeletal system and articulations, muscular system, nervous systemand special senses, excretory, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.As we study these systems students will gain a strong understanding ofthe related health issues, current events and disease processes such asheart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Students will be required to workindependently outside of class reading, reviewing and studying coursematerial. Assessments will consist of tests, quizzes, small researchassignments, lab activities and practicals and a course notebook ofcompleted assignments. This is a laboratory course that requiresextensive animal tissue dissection.






Curriculum Map for Anatomy and Physiology/Honors
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